Uptick officially certified as a Xero app partner

3rd December 2020

After 7 years of collaboration, Uptick is excited to announce our official certification as a Xero app partner.

Graphic showing uptick logo plus xero logo

We're proud of our realtime two-way invoice sync with Xero, which has been a core feature of our product since 2013.

This integration automatically keeps bills, invoices and payments in sync to ensure accuracy, all while keeping the accounting system as the source of truth and therefore keeping accountants happy.

Uptick is committed to creating the most easy-to-use, efficient fire protection software, and as a result, we've contributed heavily to the python/Xero ecosystem with the pyxero open source project, and we're excited to have our integration assessed and certified by the Xero team.

Visit us on the Xero App Marketplace today Check it out here.

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