Clean Your Data and Increase Productivity in 5 Easy Steps!

1st September 2020

Prepare for the future, make sure your team is always ready by cleaning your data and increasing productivity.

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Everyone, regardless of where you are, are at different stages of returning to a new normal.

As we undertake this transition together across the world, we want to take the time to remind you that downtime does not have to be unproductive. In fact, it’s the perfect time to create the most productive version of yourself.

Our Customer Success team at Uptick have compiled 5 top tips to help you and your team hit the ground running as we slowly return to our new normal.

  1. Validate all addresses for your properties to help technicians get their jobs done faster using the map view on the mobile app. Validated addresses ensure that the driving directions send the technicians to the right job!

  2. Take a deep dive into the task list, ensure that all tasks have a due date and look out for any tasks that have fallen through the cracks. Now is an excellent time to find them and fix them!

    Here’s how: Set a filter to (due before) and then 1/1/2020 to get overdue tasks. Try another filter for (created before) and 1/12/2019 to find even older ones. Once you find overdue tasks, add them to a list to get them booked in by changing their status, tagging them or putting a note on the timeline.

  3. Make sure you are completing work that you’re contracted to do. Go to Tools > Insights and Reporting > Data Review. If you are using service contracts, you should review this page at least monthly.

    Spend some quality minutes looking through this to ensure errors are intentional. Look out for accidental double-ups of tasks to avoid wasting time problem-solving errors and more time getting jobs done.

  4. Help your sales team!

    Make sure all your service quotes are in the correct status and have a review date set. If you are using the branches module, make sure these are populated too. This helps your sales team in finding the right time to follow up that quote and manage the current pipeline.

  5. Check that tasks are in the correct category, round and status. Status is extra essential, for example, some tasks may have in the status Scheduled, but the appointment was missed. Change it back to Ready to have another appointment made. If you leave it in Scheduled, it continues to be missed.

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