An onboarding experience that lives up to your expectations

14th December 2020

We’re here to help! Uptick’s unique and personalised onboarding experience is designed to make you an Uptick pro, and to ultimately make your job easier and your team more efficient.

Quote from Alistair Nicoll, CEO LInkfire "The journey of migrating our data and process was amazingly smooth. Uptick implementation consultants worked closely with us and listened to what we needed"

Unlike most organisations who give a brief introduction and then leave you to figure it on your own, each new Uptick customer is assigned a designated onboarding specialist who will manage your entire process alongside your nominated Uptick champion from handover to go-live.

Our onboarding journey comprises of three phases:
  1. Data collection support

  2. System configuration and data migration

  3. Office and technician training

Throughout these three phases, we ensure that:
  1. Your data integration is intact - we import in bulk your properties, assets, clients and more

  2. The data can be customised to your workflows and languages. This includes the standard routines, asset types, common remarks and more

  3. Training videos and material are available to assist with upskilling your team on Uptick’s basics

  4. Face-to-face (or virtual) training is then focused on your business and user needs

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