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Uptick vs Joblogic

Uptick charges a simple monthly fee based on the number of technicians and office staff using the system. Your customers and subcontractors gets access for free.
Joblogic uses a tiered pricing model with different features for each version, ranging from Basic to Enterprise.
Fire industry specific
Built in data capture based on localised standards including AS-1851, DA19, BSi and NZS.
Customer data encrypted (at rest and in transit), secure protocols used, and data protection policies in place.
Fully in-the-cloud
Software is delivered exclusively through your browser allowing high security and instant updates.
Personalised data migration
Compliant reports and forms
Built-in reports forms and reports for the industry, including Yearly Condition Reports, AFSS's, Critical defect notifications, and more.
All required forms and certifications are preconfigured
Create and send defect quotes in the field
Allow your technicians to create defect quotes from the field. Easily add images, products and notes - syncing automatically with the office.
Geographic scheduling
Identify the most efficient routes and locate the closest engineer to assign callout work individually or in bulk.
Seamless accounting integration
Integrate with your accounting software without all the hassle
Joblogic requires a manual upload of all your data.
Geospatial floorplans
Save technician time on site with geospatial asset registers.
Projects, minor, and major works
Keep track of projects, minor and major works through our Jobs module.

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Increase billable hours and reduce downtime using smart scheduling.

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Built-in Standards

Take the guesswork out of your operations and ensure you're meeting legislative safety standards.

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Project Management

Stop letting tasks slip through the cracks, deliver projects on time and on budget.

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Timesheets & productivity

Track billable hours and get a comprehensive overview of time spent completing a task.

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Management Reporting

Easily measure contract performance, tech performance, customer SLAs and profitability.

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Scheduled Maintenance

Plan ahead with automated service routines and scheduled maintenance.

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Subcontractor & Trades Management

Assigning and reporting on jobs to Subcontractors has never been easier.

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Customer Portal

Give your clients access to a customer portal they'll actually use.

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