Work at Uptick

Senior Backend Developer

Posted 20th March 2023
3-9 Yarra Street, Abbotsford VIC 3067
Chief Technology Officer

We’re looking for a strong Python/Django developer with excellent communication and technical leadership skills to join our all-star development team. It’s a backend focussed role, but we’re a company of full-stack developers, so you’ll need to be willing to occasionally interact with the frontend too.

You’ll be working with an amazing team of people who care about their job and enjoy coming to work in a fast paced dog-friendly “scaleup” environment.

What you'll need to do

To succeed in this role a candidate must be able to:

  • Produce high quality code. You’ll need to understand the complexities of a sophisticated large-scale codebase, and be comfortable both building new features and refactoring critical paths throughout the codebase with a focus on long-term maintainability.

  • Learn the domain. You’ll need to understand what our customers do, and be comfortable working with customers and the product owners to define and scope business requirements.

  • Be a specialised generalist. We anticipate that you’ll have a domain or two that you consider to be your areas of expertise, and a number of auxiliary areas you are competent with, and eager to explore.

  • Utilise tooling to improve operations. Expertise in getting the most of your toolset is a must, and a willingness to explore new tools is essential.​

What you'll need to bring

To qualify for this role you'll need to:

  • 5+ years with Python/Django.

  • 1+ years with TypeScript/React.

  • [BONUS] Familiarity with AWS/EKS.

  • Experience working at a startup / scaleup.

Who you'll need to be

We're looking for people who:

  • Love continuously learning and upskilling.

  • Embody the right ethos - we want people who contribute to open source, build stuff in their spare time, and just love tech.

  • Are creative yet systematic - you will be expected to take a brief and follow best practices and conventions to produce well thought-out code.

  • Are passionate problem solvers - you will be required to work across all parts of the company to solve customer problems and deliver business value.

  • Have a team-player attitude - we work together here and there are no lone wolves. You’ll need to be fun, friendly and dynamic!

  • Are dog friendly.

Our values

Our culture begins with our values:

  • Care: We care enough to have the hard conversations and work to create an environment where our employees feel safe to challenge and be challenged.
  • Growth: We're all here to grow the business, and we do that by growing our people and customers.
  • Impact: We're changing an industry and we will have an outsize impact by making every day count.
Company background

Uptick is quickly becoming the global leader in field servicing for the building compliance niche. Having already conquered the Australian market, they are now growing in the UK, with sights set on North America and then the world.

Building compliance is an increasingly important part of maintaining the world's largest asset class - property - and Uptick's vision is to make the compliance of every building in the world visible in real time, disrupting a clunky and slow-moving industry while having an outsize positive impact on the world.

Uptick's core product, Uptick Workforce, helps companies manage their mobile workforce to perform legislatively required and often complex routine asset maintenance activities. Their product allows customers to uniquely identify every building and every piece of equipment in that building, creating opportunities for tie-ins to facility management, insurance underwriting, and local government or emergency services.

Uptick currently has 250+ customers and a 99% retention rate. Over 450,000+ buildings and nearly 10 million assets are maintained using Uptick's software every year. Their goal is to double in size in FY22/23, largely through international expansion into the NZ and UK markets.

The business recently received a significant investment round from Accel-KKR. This investment and partnership will enable Uptick to fuel their international expansion, grow their customer success capabilities and accelerate their ambitious product roadmap. This marks Uptick's fourth funding round - early investors include Australia investment firms such as Folklore Ventures and Equity Venture Partners.