From the installation of an asset on site, throughout it’s maintenance program and to it’s subsequent removal or swap out, Uptick tracks the history, movement and costs of that asset throughout it’s lifecycle.


From Asset Type, defaults run deep, for management, maintenance, and reporting

For consistency and speed of deployment, Uptick uses asset type hierarchy to set the asset maintenance parameters, relevantĀ Australian Standard, subcontractor panel for whom can maintain or repair and any specific remarks of repair structures that need to be provided for. This flexible structure allows for fast deployment and standardised data which makes reporting, filtering, and presentation of data far more consistent and relevant.

Defects-by-Asset-Types .png
Instant visibility into asset issues across types

Slice and dice your asset data for functional asset maintenance scheduling and dispatch to contractors

Uptick allows for literally automatic distribution of asset maintenance and reactive tasks to be allocated to the relevant technician based on asset type, frequency, skill set, geographical location and more.