Asbestos Compliance Made Simple

Uptick Compliance is a technology solution that can provide public access to your asbestos registers and identification providing compliance to Australian identification and labeling requirements.

Getting Started is Easy…

Step 1. Create an Asbestos Register (as Example here)

Step 2. Audit your buildings complete your Asbestos Registers above

Step 3. To comply with government regulations, Asbestos Registers need to be made “publicly accessible and available”.

bSecure Tag

Make publicly “available” by hosting your asbestos register in Uptick Compliance and “accessible” by applying identification stickers to the front, and rear of your building(s). Try our example to the left and QR Scan the label.


What does it cost to deploy Uptick Compliance and comply with all asbestos identification requirement?

The bSecure platform costs just $2.50 per building, per month.


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Watch Anthony Ziem (Team Leader, Programmed Maintenance, Kingston City Council, VICTORIA) talk about asbestos labelling and how they’ve managed the process using Uptick’s bSecure platform.

Legal Requirements & Further Details

The Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2007 (OHS Regulations) outlines required process in relation to identifying the presence of asbestos in workplaces and indicating its location to the general public.

According to WorkSafe, “a person with management or control of a workplace or an employer in a workplace where there is fixed or installed asbestos containing material (ACM) must, so far as is reasonably practicable, identify all asbestos that is under their management or control.”

Once identified, the presence and location of asbestos must be recorded in the asbestos register and clearly indicated. If reasonably practicable, labelling must be used to indicate the presence of ACM.


Phone 1300 657 436 for more information or click here to get started now.