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Uptick vs CASH

See how Uptick compares to CASH by Mentor Business Systems to see which product can better support your fire & security business.

Looking for an alternative to CASH?

Searching for the right tool to support the operations of your fire & security business? Make the switch to Uptick.

Uptick vs CASH




Uptick charges a simple monthly fee based on the number of technicians and office staff using the system. Your customers and subcontractors gets access for free.

CASH charges an up-front cost to set up the system, with options to expand the system with more modules as add ons.

Fire industry specific

Built in data capture based on localised standards including British Standards.


Customer data encrypted (at rest and in transit), secure protocols used, and data protection policies in place.

No- sits on your server

Fully in-the-cloud

Software is delivered exclusively through your browser allowing high security and instant updates.


Personalised data migration

Compliant reports and forms

Built-in reports forms and reports for the industry, including Yearly Condition Reports, AFSS's, Critical defect notifications, and more.

Create and send defect quotes in the field

Allow your technicians to create defect quotes from the field. Easily add images, products and notes - syncing automatically with the office.


Customer portal

A single central location for your customers to get a snapshot of their compliance status and access all their quotes, invoices, reports, and documents.

Seamless accounting integration

Integrate with your accounting software without all the hassle

No- Cash is not cloud based so it makes real time integrations very diificult

Optimised route mapping

Automatically indentify the most efficient routes for your technician based on their jobs for the day, and schedules tasks in the optimal order.


Mobile app

Mobile app that was purpose built for the industry and can be used offline or in areas of poor connectivity (like basements)

Yes but limited

Uptick enabled us to grow without having to have a massive back office.

Simon Molloy
Managing Director, Alliance Fire Group

Operate with confidence.

Modern asset maintenance software purpose-built for the fire protection industry 🧯
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