The team at Uptick are thrilled to have been announced as the Momentum Energy Small Business of the Month on 3AW.

The awarding ceremony was broadcast live on 3AW (693AM, Melbourne) with Aidan Lister (CEO, Uptick) having a great chat with Denis Walter, Paul Geason (Managing Director of Momentum Energy) and Rohini Kappadath who is a representative from the Small Business, Innovation and Trade (Victorian Government).

Watch the interview below.

Momentum Energy just posted on their Facebook page that, “Uptick are changing the way buildings and assets are maintained, serviced, audited and reported.”  Read the post here.

According to Aidan, “It’s a great honour for the team to win this award and it will help further energise the development team who are busily churning out new features”.



For many tradies who perform regular maintenance on buildings, filling out paperwork is the bane of their existence. In today’s age of technology, using pen and paper is not only an in-efficient way of capturing data, it also places considerable administrative strains back at HQ with all of the extra bodies employed to re-key in the forms when they return to base. That’s where Uptick comes in.

For businesses who perform regular maintenance on fire equipment to ensure the buildings comply with Australian standards, Uptick’s mobile application has helped them smash new records in efficiency which has allowed them to take on new work, without needing to bulk up the back office. In effect, this technology helps businesses scale up.

Linkfire stated that by simply digitizing the field operations through the Uptick interface, Linkfire’s technicians are getting through 25% more jobs each month than previously. And since adopting Uptick in 2014, AESG’s portfolio has grown by approximately 30%. Prior to Uptick that growth would have been unthinkable… More testimonials are available here:

As part of the Australian economy, the building compliance and trade contracting industries make up $20 billion which has largely resisted “digital disruption” until now. The system allows tradies in the field to fill out all required documentation by simply pulling their phone out of their pocket and it helps satisfy the accounts department by slashing the time it takes to invoice clients for works when faults have been identified.