Uptick Major Release: Nikka

Uptick Nikka Update: New name, Routines, Updates to Tasks, Quotes, Importer and Dispatching
This major version will be released on 25th May 2017.
Please note that your sandbox servers have already been updated.
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New Name!

Welcome to the first release under our new name – Uptick! Over the coming months you’ll see the word aBAS gradually disappear across the website and be replaced with Uptick. This will also involve a domain name change, which means that you will be accessing the site under a different url.
Plenty of prior notice for this will be given and we will have a healthy grace period where the site can be accessed under both urls. Exciting times!


Routines is our powerful new programme maintenance system.
Designed in consultation with industry experts from the fire and auditing industries, it provides built-in compliance with AS1851-2012, AS1851-2005, AS2293.2-1995, VBR-2006, SA-76 2015, AS4775-2007, and Part 59 of the Building Regs 1973.
All standards include task tolerance reporting where applicable, and additional standards can easily be added or customised.
More information available in the release notes here.

Task Revamp

The task detail page is the most used page in our system, but over time it has become cluttered. We’ve revamped this page to bubble up the most important information into the panel headers, and added a clear processing panel which summarises remarks added in the field, reports, quotes, invoices, and dispatches.

Improved Defect Quoting

Quotes have lots of new features in this release and more on the way. Here’s what’s changed:
  • Simplified Review Date workflow
  • The ability to void, merge and refresh other quotes for the same address, e.g. void quotes which are no longer applicable, merge the line items from other quotes to create a parent quote, and refresh quotes e.g. when you need a revision-A, revision-B for conditional approvals.
  • A visual quote builder which prompts quoting based on all defects identified on a task, or for the whole site, showing any photos taken by the technician, as well as common products linked to each fault.

Safer Dispatching

To avoid costly blunders, bulk dispatching will now skip Tasks that already have a Dispatch against them, regardless of whether that Dispatch succeeded or failed. Further to this, a big red “retry” button has been added on the Dispatch page, which can be used to restart a dispatch from scratch if it has failed.
Please check where and why the dispatch failed, and amend these issues before attempting to rerun it. Also note that whilst this process will avoid pushing duplicate Invoices to your Accounting Partner, it still will re-send emails if the Dispatch got that far before failing. Always check the Dispatch log on the right before pressing this button!

Improved Importer

The CSV importer has been replaced with a new and significantly faster module which can easily handle 10,000+ line imports with improved previews and validation messages. It now also supports XSL/XSLX documents.

More notifications Controls

We have added 3 new site configuration settings to grant you more control over your processes. These are:
  • Tender Accepted email: Email when a tender has been accepted by a contractor.
  • Work Order Updates email: Email when a work order has been Reviewed or Completed.
  • Service Quote Approved email: Email when a service quote has been approved.
These settings are editable via the Site Configuration page and if set, will send email for the respective process step.